Climatic ripening cabinet type KA 100

Installing of climatic-ripening-, climatic-smoke-, after-ripening- and storage rooms requires a careful planning in advance.

In view of the many different room types which exist, it will be no always possible to install standard – equipment, which we of course also supply. Therefore the needful equipment will be “tailor-made” for the existing rooms. The size or the form of the rooms thereby plays no role. We find always the correct solution thanks of our great experience.
In the mixing chamber “the heart of the system”, are ordered heating, cooling, humidification equipment and the air recirculation motor. Air stream is given to the mixing chamber over the supplying ducts into the room where is again drawn into the mixing chamber along air recirculation ducts. The preparation or conditioning system of air effected in this mixing chamber. Continuous adjustable air recirculation-motor allows the air flow rate to be adapted to room conditions. The controllable supply of fresh air parts prevents the room air from becoming musty. An automatic fresh air control system controls air interchange in regular time distance. The clearly designed switch cabinet contains the control element of the equipment. Modern microprocessors, guarantee the compliance of all preset values. Temperature and humidity are direct indicated and input in units of °C and %, relative humidity.A limit-value-controller allows the spreading or to tighten of the control range. An automatic-off controller shuts down the system automatically when all values in the room match the presets, it means when the climatic inside the room is “OK”. The system is also restarted automatically by the automatic “off’ controller if there any deviation from the preset values. Loaded programs are saved and can be retrieved. It is possible to connect the system to a computer via an interface. Range sensor for temperature and humidity controls the room climate. An over-temperature protection device prevents temperature rising too high if for instance the refrigerating machine breakdown. The mixing chamber, ducts and the switch cabinet are of course designed in stainless steel.

All in all this is a equipment which precisely meets the requirements for food stuffs ripening and storage.
Specialist-designed systems offer more in terms of capability operate reliably and are less expensive below the line.


  • Type KA 100 for stick lenght 100cm
  • Capacity approx. 200kg
  • one -trolley -design
  • more-trolley-design

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