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Climatic ripening cabinet type KA 50

completely equipped with microprocessor, refrigerating machine, turnkey. Due to the processor, the system has a fully automatic ripening process. The capacity is 10 memory programs with 10 steps each.

  • Bar length 53 cm
  • Capacity for medium calibre   60 Kg

Air recirculation is infinitely variable by means of the microprocessor; therefore the product can be adjusted to the ripening rate.

The system is controlled by a limit control with minimum and maximum values indicating temperature and humidity.

Temperature range:10-30°C
Humidity range:65-97%

The above mentioned climatic ripening cabinet KA 50 can produce air-dried meat and sausages, blue products and the complete raw sausage range.

ModelHeightWidthDepthBar lengthCapacity
KA 50205 cm71 cm80 cm53 cmapprox. 60 kg
Power supply230V / 16A
Output1,1 kW
Water connectionR 1/2″
Microprocessor10 memory programs with 10 steps each

KA 50 is a ripening cabinet of the highest quality and specification for producing raw sausage products.

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